Current Projects 

London Race Advocacy project

The LRAP has been established to support victims of race and religious hate crime in 16 London boroughs through the provision of information, advice, advocacy, and representation. The project will advise and support victims of race hate crime and aim to

  • reduce their feelings of fear and isolation
  • increase their self-esteem and dignity
  • increase their awareness of their rights

For further information please contact us or email the project coordinator More information can be found  

The Undercover Policing Project

We have been funded by JCRT for two years (July 2015 to 2017) to ensure that those directly affected become interested parties and are consulted on and involved in the Inquiry. Momentum for change can only exist if people feel ownership of a process and when critical issues are aired in public in an accessible form. The project proposal creates a strong foundation for the public, especially victimized communities, to set the agenda.

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Southall Resistance 40

Southall Resists 40 is an initiative of local individuals and organisation, many of who were involved during the 1976, 1979 and 1981 events. It also includes young activists and artists who want to commemorate the important struggles that defeated fascism locally.

In April 2019, and beyond, the communities of Southall and people from afar will honour the memories of Grudip Singh Chaggar and Blair Peach both killed in the locality by violence dictated by racism.

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Past Projects