The Civil Rights and Transformation Project

The Pitchford Inquiry has been established to examine the scope of undercover police activities in practice and their effect upon individuals in particular and the public in general, and make recommendations for the future. It presents a rare but important opportunity for the state to right the wrongs and for civil society to create a new narrative and momentum for transparency and accountability.

We have been funded by JCRT for two years (July 2015 to 2017) to ensure that those directly affected become interested parties and are consulted on and involved in the Inquiry. A momentum for change can only exist if people feel ownership of a process and when critical issues are aired in public in accessible form. The project proposal creates a strong foundation for the public, especially victimized communities, to set the agenda.

For further information about the project please contact Suresh  Grover at the Monitoring Group. You can email him at