Racism, bullying, threats … daily life of migrant workers

Hundreds of migrant workers continue to live in a climate of fear, poverty stricken, subjected to inhuman conditions and indebted to gangmasters, a report published today reveals. ‘Experiences of Forced Labour in the UK Food Industry’, a report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and one of the largest studies into the plight of those in the industry from farm and factory workers through to those toiling in restaurants, found a catalogue of abusive practices.

Research by the Joseph Rowentree Foundation into experiences of forced labour/exploitation was conducted with migrant workers in the food industry across England and Scotland. A deeper understanding of the circumstances under which forced labour/exploitation occur and how it is organised is now available.

Drawing on in-depth interviews with 62 migrant workers (mainly Polish, Chinese, Latvian and Lithuanian) across five locations (London, Liverpool, South-West England, Lincolnshire and East – Central Scotland), the study:

  • Sets out how and why forced labour/exploitation occurs.
  • Uncovers forced labour/exploitation practices in the food industry.
  • Explains the impact on migrant workers.
  • Includes policy recommendations to improve regulation and aid migrant workers who experience forced labour/exploitation

You can download a copy of the report from the JRF website here 

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