Racism inquiry may bring ban on BNP membership for teachers

Members of the British National party could be banned from the teaching profession after Ed Balls today ordered an inquiry into racism in schools.

Maurice Smith, a former Ofsted chief inspector, has been asked to investigate the extent of BNP action in English schools and to consider whether it would be possible to bar its members from working with children after similar bans by the police and armed forces.

Speaking to the Labour conference in Brighton, Balls, the schools secretary, said there was no place for bullying in education and announced a “behaviour challenge” to force parents to support schools in tackling their children’s indiscipline. Schools failing to tackle unruly behaviour would face harsher penalties from Ofsted, he said.

The Smith review would consider whether to ban BNP members from becoming teachers to keep “racism and BNP activity out of all our schools”, Balls said.

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