Racist jailed for south London shotgun murder attempt

A “racist” gunman who tried to shoot a black man in the back of the head with a shotgun has been jailed indefinitely.

Jamie Bunter, 20, from Brixton, south London, robbed Nicholas Dwebeng of his phone, racially abused him and tried to shoot at him in June last year.

Mr Dwebeng, 30, only survived the attack in Mitcham, south London, when the shotgun cartridge did not explode.

Bunter was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in custody for attempted murder, robbery and firearms offences.

Bunter robbed Mr Dwebeng, who had been sitting on a wall with his girlfriend, and aimed the shotgun at his head.

He pulled the trigger but the firing pin failed to set off the shotgun cartridge’s charge.

Mr Dwebeng then grabbed the gun and smashed it over Bunter’s head, leaving injuries clearly visible in his police mug-shot.

At that point one of Bunter’s accomplices shot Mr Dwebeng in the stomach with the revolver.

Judge Peter Thornton said: “This was gratuitous, racist, bullying violence of an extreme nature.

“I cannot think of a worse case of random violence short of murder.”

After being shot, the wounded Mr Dwebeng fired at the three attackers with the dropped shotgun and they ran from the scene. Bunter was hit in the leg.

Mr Dwebeng was taken to hospital where part of his bowel was removed and a fractured pelvis treated. One bullet remains in his body.

Two hours later Bunter arrived at St Thomas’s Hospital in Camberwell, south London, with a bullet-wound to his leg.

He was linked to the incident by gunshot residue on his clothes and identified by Mr Dwebeng’s girlfriend at an ID parade.

Det Sgt Paul Davis of the Metropolitan Police said: “Had Nicholas Dwebeng not intervened he may well have lost his life.

“I applaud the bravery of this man who sought to protect himself and his girlfriend from further serious attack.”

Judge Thornton said the sentence was aggravated by “the brutal, unprovoked violence of firing at Dwebeng for no reason other than he was black”

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