‘Racist’ Loughborough teenager accused of plotting Columbine-inspired massacre detained indefinitely

A ‘racist’ teenager accused of plotting a Columbine-inspired massacre on Hitler’s birthday has been detained indefinitely in hospital today for possessing an arsenal of weapons in his bedroom.

Michael Piggin outlined detailed plans of deadly attacks on two schools, the local mosque, council offices and Loughborough University in his diaries.

The A-level student, now 18, wrote about arming himself with guns, bombs, and knives in a deadly assault inspired by the Monster of Oslo Anders Breivik. But he claimed the details of his ‘Operation’ were a way of venting his anger rather than serious plans.

Two successive juries could not decide whether he was guilty or not and defendants are never tried for third time.

The teenager’s bedroom floor was littered with knives, air guns, a machete, and a crossbow, while a Nazi swastika flag took pride of place on his wall.

Piggin built pipe bombs, smoke grenades and improvised explosives in his bedroom and tested Molotov cocktails behind the local leisure centre.

He was sentenced to indefinite detention under Section 37 and Section 41 of the mental health act at the Old Bailey after previously pleading guilty to charges of possessing a knife and parts for an improvised explosive.

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