Racist teenagers get 25 years for beating black family with spiked fence post

A mob of teenage racists who assaulted a black minister with a spiked fence post and a machete have been jailed for a total of 25 years.

The ‘lynch mob’ style beating began when Isiak Idowu, 51,  challenged the teenagers, four of whom were 19, and one of whom was 16, for calling his 16-year old daughter Layla: ‘n**ger’ as she walked home from school.

Mr Idowu’s eldest son Ishmail, 26, had to pull a nails out of his head after he was hit with a fence post with spikes protruding through it.

Mr Idowu, himself was hit in the chest with a rock during the assault in Dovecot, Liverpool, at around 5.50pm on May 1 last year.

As police were called to the scene, the gang fled with one saying: ‘Leave these n**s, we’ll come back and get them then’.

Jordan Jackson, 19, who had one previous conviction for racially aggravated assault and abuse against the family, pleaded guilty and was locked up for nine years.

Daniel Finnigan, 19, admitted wounding with intent and violent disorder and was jailed for eight years.

Killcourse, 19, who is serving a 25-month sentence for dealing heroin and cocaine and was on bail, pleaded guilty to violent disorder and was jailed for two years 11 months.

Kyle Jackson admitted violent disorder and was jailed for three years and four month.

See full story here http://metro.co.uk/2015/03/02/racist-teenagers-get-25-years-for-beating-black-family-with-spiked-fence-post-5085799/ad_161686077

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