Racists slash man’s face in Islington

Racist thugs slashed a man across the face on a bus as his terrified girlfriend watched on in horror.

The two attackers, who were white and in their late 20s, started abusing the couple as they sat on the top deck of a 210 bus travelling through Archway at 11.10pm yesterday (Wednesday). They shouted racist insults before one of the thugs smashed a glass partition and used a broken piece of glass to slash the 35-year-old victim across the forehead.

The attackers then got off the bus and made off along St John’s Way, in the direction of Hazellville Road. The victim was taken by ambulance to the nearby Whittington Hospital for treatment to the cut, but was later released.

full story here http://www.islingtongazette.co.uk/content/islington/gazette/news/story.aspx?brand=ISLGOnline&category=news&tBrand=northlondon24&tCategory=newsislg&itemid=WeED12%20Aug%202010%2014%3A37%3A03%3A360

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