Rotherham 12 : The jury finds all the defendants NOT GUILTY

Press release 


Rotherham 12  Defence Campaign Statement

Outside Sheffield  Crown Court

Wednesday 16 November 2016


The jury finds all the defendants NOT GUILTY


We want to thank the jury for delivering a resounding Not Guilty verdicts for all the defendants in this case.

The verdicts are game changer, and they will have immediate and long term  consequences for race relation in the region and nationally.

The jury, as representatives of the local  population, have understand the  impact of race and religious  hatred fueled by far right groups on the Asian Muslim residents of Rotherham.  They have also understood the need for communities under siege to defend themselves when facing intolerable levels of racist threats and violence. That the racist killing of Mr Moshin Ahmed was a death too many.

Apart from the actions of the far right groups, our anger is reserved for the South Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service. The prosecution evidence clearly acknowledged that far right groups were intent on causing community divisions and sgregation, deliberate fear & intimidation and terror through perpetual acts of violence and murder. Instead of protecting the Asian Muslim community, the police too turned against us. It beggers belief, knowing what the police and the CPS knew, that the defendants were even  arrested never min charged and dragged through a trial.  On the day of the demonstration, 5 September 2015, the police led the local community towards danger and left them unprotected.

Public confidence in the South Yorkshire Police is at an all time low. It can only be gained if there is a rigorous independent inquiry into their conduct and behavior into this case and other well known cases. Unless the police change their mindset and treat people with respect nothing will change.

Finally we want to thank our excellent legal team led by Michael Mansfield QC and our supporters – black and white, men and women, young and old, local and national. Without them our life and pain would have been unbearable.











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