Sainsbury’s sued for £500,000 over worker’s murder in Aberdeen

Relatives of a man murdered by a work colleague in an Aberdeen supermarket are suing Sainsbury’s for £500,000.

Robert McCulloch admitted stabbing Lithuanian national Roman Romasov, 28, at the Berryden Road store in 2009.

Shelf-stacker McCulloch, now 37, was told he would have to serve at least 10 years and nine months behind bars.

Relatives of Mr Romasov claim Sainsbury’s was liable for the actions of its then-employee. The firm contests the action.

Mr Romasov’s family maintains that McCulloch was a British National Party member who was known to hold “extreme and racist views about Eastern European workers coming to the UK”.

They say that Mr Romasov had written a letter to his line manager complaining about racist comments from McCulloch, but by the time of his death no action had been taken by the manager.

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