Save Southall Town Hall meeting


Save Southall Town Hall


With local and national speakers

Friday 8 DECEMBER 2017

7pm to 9pm

Dominion Centre,

112 The Green,

Southall UB2 4BQ


In September 2017, Ealing Council’s Cabinet members agreed to lease the Town Hall for an unprecedented 250 years to a private religious group. The extraordinary length of lease offered is simply to cover a legal loophole and deflect any criticism of selling the last publicly owned building in Southall.

The Save Southall Town Hall campaign has been established by residents, community groups and businesses who are opposed to the sale of the iconic building that is rightly regarded by the local population as a vital asset.

We believe the entire process deployed by the Council to sell the building was biased and unfair. It favoured the preferred bidder. It did not involve public consultation nor did it undertake a thorough assessment or properly address the likely negative impact on local communities. As a consequence we are proposing to take legal action.

Southall Town Hall should to be saved because: It is economically viable: the usage of building generates sufficient income and there is no compelling financial reason for it to be sold. The Council allege that the Southall Town Hall is draining financial resource but hide the fact that the costs involved are not only very low but relate to their own internal management expenditure that can be avoided. In reality the sale of building is not to save money but to create a ‘reserve’ –  a profit – that is unlikely to be ring-fenced for public services in Southall. Rather than challenge austerity and invest in Southall, this is a classic illustration of asset stripping of public resources in a town that is economically deprived and in need of public investment.

It has iconic status: Southall Town Hall is a symbol of our history and legacy of resistance against racism and for equality and civil rights. In the late 1970’s the fascist National Front occupied the Town Hall to reassert its racist politics. The events led to the tragic killing of schoolteacher, Blair Peach and large-scale protests by the local community. It is a community asset: Southall Town Hall is our main civic building and should be open to all regardless one’s ethnicity, religion or nationality. We want to see it operate as a community hub that works for all Southall residents and not just sectional interests. Currently the Town Hall houses many organisations and businesses that provide vital services to the local community. We have a vision to save Southall Town Hall: The aim of campaign to ensure that the Town Hall remains a public resource. We are determined to unite many communities living and working in the area and for the Town Hall to become a new beacon for the future that is more people friendly, pluralistic, inclusive and dynamic.

Join us so that we can win together.

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