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TUESDAY 22 OCTOBER from 2.30PM sharp

Meet @ The Two Lions Statue, Gerard Street, Chinatown,

Soho, London

The day of action will include:



(Invited guests and speakers: Members of Parliament, Human Rights Lawyers, Community & Business groups)

Why has this unprecedented day of action been organized? Over the last month, London’s Chinatown, an international hub of Chinese restaurants and businesses, has witnessed systematic immigration raids. Over 13 businesses have reported heavy-handed raids of their premises. All the existing evidence suggests that the raids were not intelligence led. Some of the raids did not even lead to a single arrest of any individual. Business owners also believe that the raids did not comply with lawful procedures and have only added fuel to negative stereotyping and ‘racial profiling’ of the Chinese community. Businesses owners can face up to £10,000 fine per person for employing someone who may not have the permission to work. The harsh and disproportionate fines can lead to legitimate businesses closing down, especially when employers do not understand complicated immigration rules. Current Government policy has not addressed labour shortages within the catering businesses, enterprises that are key to providing much-needed jobs. The effect of this failure has led to a cycle of discriminatory raids and financial penalties against Chinese businesses coupled with the criminalization of Chinese workers. The raids on Chinatown has the same effect as the recent Home Office ‘Go Home or Face Arrest’ van campaign when public concern was raised about its damaging impact on Britain’s cosmopolitan cities. The LCCA and Min Quan have written to the UKBA to raise these concerns and suggested a meeting to resolve the problem.

London Chinatown Chinese Association & Min Quan

For further information contact:
Lawrence Cheng (07774700616), Bobby Chan (07710501918)
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