Sikh campaigner for BNP set to become party’s first non-white member

A Sikh man who has campaigned for the BNP in support of its anti-Islam stance has been put forward to be the party’s first non-white member.

Rajinder Singh, who is in his late 70s, has twice lent support to Nick Griffin during the British National party leader’s court appearances and appeared in an election broadcast for the party in 2005. There have been suggestions that he could stand as a BNP candidate at next year’s general election.

Singh, who came to Britain in 1967, used to pen a regular column for the party’s Freedom newspaper and has spoken at BNP meetings where he has been vehement in his criticism of Muslims, talking about his experiences at the partition of India in 1947. He was born in Lahore, which became part of Pakistan after partition, and blames Muslims for the death of his father during the bloody split of India.

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