Some reporting centres for hate crimes don’t exist say activists

HATE crime campaigners are demanding West Yorkshire Police conducts an urgent review into the force’s third party reporting centres, after claiming an investigation has found a number of them do not even exist.


Just West Yorkshire, which works to promote racial justice, civil liberties and human rights in the region, has written to Sir Norman Bettison, the chief constable of West Yorkshire Police, warning many of its 200 reporting centres which have been established over the past few years to combat the crime are not fit for purpose.

The group says several of the reporting centres listed by the force have out of date contact details, while in one instance, a support agency listed as Kirklees Ethnic Minority Alliance does not even exist any more.

It also claims a leaflet on display at Lawcroft House Police station in Bradford earlier this month, provided another website and address for a reporting centre in the city which closed down three years ago.

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