Southall Public Forum: Racism & the struggles for Justice

Southall Public Forum:
Racism & the struggles for Justice

Tuesday 12 March 2013: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Dominion Centre, 112 The Green, Southall, Middlesex UB2 4BQ
(refreshments and snacks will be provided)

The communities of Southall once inspired a whole generation to struggle against racism nationally. We remained united despite suffering, at first hand, bussing of school children, low wages and discriminatory practices by employers, provocative fascist marches into the town, police violence and Government indifference. The reality is that race equality legislation and policies was secured in the UK after decades of campaigning by communities, such as Southall, and families affected by violent and institutional racism. The current Government is now eroding these hard won gains. Drastic economic cuts to public services and benefits are already affecting the African, Caribbean & Asian communities disproportionally. For the first time, in many decades, there is now the bleak and dangerous prospect of another generation of young African, Caribbean and Asian people being condemned to a life on the margins, excluded from mainstream society and possibly suffering rates of discrimination in employment, education, housing, health and criminal justice worse than their parents.

Official statistics reveal that there are currently more young black men unemployed than employed. Chinese graduates can expect to earn 25% less over the course of their careers than their fellow white graduates. Government research has shown that those with an identifiably African- or Asian-origin name need to make nearly twice as many job applications to even get an interview. Black an Asian people are between seven and five times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police than white people. Since the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993, a further 105 people have been killed in racially motivated attacks.
The event will bring together a rich mix of speakers – lawyers, politicians, family campaigners and civil rights leaders – who will chart their vision of why campaigning for people rights – economic, social and political – remains a key priority for us today as it was decades ago.

The meeting will also announce:
the start of Saturday legal advice & campaigning surgeries on jointly organized by The Monitoring Group & Imran Khan and Partners (IKP solicitors),
the establishment of local trauma support group for people suffering from racial violence and/or murder,
the launch of Southall Inspired Social Forum.

Suresh GROVER, is a local resident and a nationally known civil rights campaigner, he is also Director of The Monitoring Group. (formerly known as the Southall Monitoring Group). (

Imran KHAN is one of the best known Human Rights Lawyer in the Uk and is the solicitor for Mrs Doreen Lawrence and her family (

John McDonnell was the former Deputy Leader of the Greater London Council and is now the Member of Parliament for Hayes & Harlington. (

Oliver NEW, local resident, President of Ealing Trades Union Council & Chair of RMT union local branch
Balraj PUREWAL was the leader of the Southall Youth Moment in late 1970’s and is now the Director of The Asian Health Agency. (

Stafford SCOTT is the Chair of the Tottenham Defence Campaign & Project Manager of Tottenham Rights.

Sukhdev REEL mother of Lakhvinder ‘Ricky’ Reel (visit justice for Ricky on google)

Joint Chairs: Dr. Kulwant SINGH and Yasmin JASWAL

For further information, contact 07816301706 or 020 8571 0941

IKP solicitors, 54a The Broadway, Southall, Middlesex UB1 4


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