Stephen Lawrence family fury over police change

The police officer leading the hunt for the remaining killers of Stephen Lawrence is being forced to retire despite growing confidence that more of the gang involved in the racist attack could be brought to justice, a key witness has told the Guardian.

Duwayne Brooks, the surviving victim of the attack that killed Lawrence, has warned that the best chance to catch the racist murderers may be lost because the head of the investigation is being forced to retire aginst his will.

Brooks escaped the attack by a gang of at least five youths in April 1993 which ended with Lawrence, 18, being surrounded and stabbed to death at a south-east London bus stop. The head of the murder investigation still hunting them two decades on, Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll, is facing enforced retirement later this year.

Brooks said Driscoll and his team had unearthed fresh leads in the case. Driscoll, who has served for more than 30 years with the police, will retire later this summer, led a reinvestigation that saw two men convicted of murder in 2012, 19 years after the killing.

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