Terror suspect freed after home secretary revokes second control order

he government’s controversial regime of using virtual house arrest against terror suspects has suffered a fresh blow with a decision by the home secretary, Alan Johnson, to revoke a second control order rather than disclose the “secret” evidence in the case.

Johnson has written to the lawyers of a former imam to the Iraqi community in Britain, known for legal reasons only as AE, telling them that he made the decision after considering the impact of a law lords ruling in June that he was obliged to disclose the detail of the allegations against him.

In previous high court rulings involving AE, the judges have said that he was an imam to the Iraqi community in an unnamed town in the north of England, who had received terrorist training and taken part in terrorist activities. They also said he had provided support for the jihadist insurgency in Iraq, and since arriving in Britain had been a leading figure in Islamist extremist circles in the town where he lived.

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