The Legacy of Lawrence – 29th May 2012 Coventry

The Legacy of Stephen Lawrence  Race & Justice in Modern Britain

Tuesday 29 May 2012 at 6pm to 8pm

Coventry University, The Alan Berry Building, Priory Street, Coventry, CV15FB

The University of Coventry presents in partnership with Imran Khan & Partners (Solicitors),  PressLaw and The Monitoring Group: The Legacy of Stephen Lawrence: Race & Justice in Modern Britain

The special Lecture has been organised following on from the sentencing of two of the racist killers of  Stephen Lawrence on January 3rd this year, nineteen years after Stephen was murdered.

Speakers include:

Imran Khan, solicitor for the Lawrence family

Suresh Grover, Director of The Monitoring Group

Louis Charalambous, Solicitor (Simons Muirhead & Burton)

Chair: Basil Hylton

The Lecture will explore the enduring legacy of the legal and public campaign around Stephen Lawrence and its consequences for racism and racial justice in the UK.  In particular it will chart the legal challenges initiated by the family, including the evidence uncovered at the Public Judicial Inquiry and during the trial of the two suspects at the Old Bailey. It will anaylse the main Macpherson recommendations and formulate key lessons for civil society when challenging violent or institutional racism in Britain today. It will also explore how communities and individuals can go on the offensive and enforce their rights against hostile media.

SL Lecture Coventry University (pdf)



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