The Legacy of Stephen Lawrence – Bradford 15th May 2012



Tuesday 15 May 2012 at 6.30pm to 8.30pm

John Stanley Bell Lecture Theatre, D Floor, University of Bradford, Richmond Building, Richmond Road, Bradford. BD7 1DP

The University of Bradford – Race Equality Staff Forum (RESF) and The Equality and Diversity Unit presents in partnership with Imran Khan & Partners (Solicitors), PressLaw and The Monitoring Group: The Legacy of Stephen Lawrence: Race & Justice in Modern Britain

The special Lecture has been organised following on from the sentencing of two of the racist killers of Stephen Lawrence on January 3rd this year, nineteen years after Stephen was murdered.

Speakers include:
Imran Khan, solicitor for the Lawrence family

Suresh Grover, Director of The Monitoring Group
Louis Charalambous, Solicitor (Simons Muirhead & Burton)
Chair: Prof Nana Poku, Dean of School of Social and International Studies

The Lecture will explore the enduring legacy of the legal and public campaign around Stephen Lawrence and its consequences for racism and racial justice in the UK. In particular it will chart the legal challenges initiated by the family, including the evidence uncovered at the Public Judicial Inquiry and during the trial of the two suspects at the Old Bailey. It will anaylse the main Macpherson recommendations and formulate key lessons for civil society when challenging violent or institutional racism in Britain today. It will also explore how communities and individuals can go on the offensive and enforce their rights against hostile media.


Speakers include

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is probably best known for his work representing the family of Doreen Lawrence, mother of Stephen Lawrence who was murdered in a racist attack in 1993. He is recognised as a leading human rights /criminal lawyer and is presently a partner in his own firm Imran Khan and Partners based in Holborn, Central London. It was his work as a lawyer and as an activist which led him to represent the Lawrence family which in turn brought him to national and international attention; and led to the establishment of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. The impact of this inquiry was felt throughout the criminal justice and public service systems.

His later representation of the families of Victoria Climbe (who was tortured to death – aged 8 – in February 2000) and Zahid Mubarek (who was murdered by his racist cell mate in March 2000), and the public inquiries into their deaths, led to substantial social change regarding the care of children and prisoners in the UK respectively. Imran Khan’s legal practice was established in 2000 and offered a new approach to legal representation with the idea that the firm would pursue what Imran Khan has called ‘impact cases’. The outcome of these cases would lead to legal and social change.

As a consequence the firm has represented clients in high profile public inquiries, inquests, criminal trials and appeal cases the impact of each reverberating throughout society and the criminal justice system. The firm specialises in defending individuals charged with serious criminal offences, most notably, terrorism and murder. Imran Khan has lectured nationally and internationally on human rights and criminal law. He has also written widely on these subjects. He has received numerous awards and honorary doctorates in recognition of his work

Suresh Grover

Suresh Grover has been active in the Civil Rights field for over 30 years. The Guardian Newspaper described him as one of the hundred most influential people in Social Policy in the UK. He is the leading exponent of family and community led campaigns having coordinated the campaigns on Stephen Lawrence, Zahid Mubarek and Victoria Climbie – all these cases led to Public Judicial Inquiries and consequent positive changes in legislation, social policy and practices in the United Kingdom (UK). Since the London Bombings in 2005, he has worked with the victim families of the carnage as well as Black, Minority and Muslim groups adversely affected by state response. Suresh Grover has travelled to Asia, Europe and the USA helping victims of discriminations and genocide.

Suresh is currently the Director of The Monitoring Group. (UK). Established in the early 1980’s, the organization is acknowledged as a leading civil rights organistion that provides advocacy, campaigning, casework, trauma and strategy led services.

The Group works towards the eradication of racism, bigotry and religious hatred and their adverse impact on victims and their communities. It is committed to a pluralistic society where human rights are paramount and where cultural, social and political diversity is promoted and valued.

Louis Charalambous

Louis Charalambous is a leading media lawyer specialising in libel and privacy cases where there is a criminal/police background. As a partner in Simon Muirhead and Burton he heads up the PressLaw team and has advised Doreen Lawrence in relation to media law matters for 10 years including her successful libel claim against Time Life. He has acted in several libel claims for individuals falsely accused of terrorist links and recovered substantial damages and apologies in many cases. He is best known for representing individuals falsely accused of murder including Robert Murat (following the disappearance of Madeleine McCann) and Christopher Jefferies (in relation to the murder of Joanna Yeates). These two cases established record pay-outs of damages. He also represented Lotfi Raissi, the first person arrested anywhere in the world for 9/11 and recovered damages and a statement in open court for him from the Mail on Sunday. He also advises broadcasters and national newspapers as well as NGO’s and campaigns. Before becoming a solicitor Louis was secretary of Bradford Anti Fascist Action and previously a leading member of the Bradford 12 Campaign and the Anti Nazi League. He has worked closely with Imran Khan on a number of cases over many years.

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