The undercover cop, his lover, and their son

The Metropolitan Police has agreed to pay £425,000 to a woman who did not know the father of her child was an undercover policeman. The unprecedented settlement comes after a long battle by a group of women who say that the police used sex to infiltrate their protest groups. Here is Jacqui’s story.

The 14 hours of labour that delivered Jacqui’s first child was the most intimate moment of her life. In her words, she shared it with a ghost.

Alongside her as she prepared to bring a child into the world was the man she loved, Bob Robinson. She thought he loved her, too. “Well done Jac,” he wrote to her in a note after their boy was born.

That was 1985. Two years later he disappeared into the ether, leaving Jacqui tormented and a toddler without a dad.

Three decades on, Jacqui, former animal rights activist turned suburban middle class woman, knows there was more to Bob than his easy charm, love and a shared desire to change the world for the better.

Bob Robinson was not Bob Robinson, but Bob Lambert – an undercover police officer sent by the Met’s then Special Demonstration Squad to infiltrate what commanders suspected were the dangerous fringes of London’s animal rights scene.

His extraordinary past was exposed three years ago when some of the former campaigners he stood alongside joined the dots and realised that a counter-terrorism detective turned academic was the same man they’d known many years before.

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