Pastures New (Rural Racism Project)

Pastures New  – Rural Racism Photography Exhibition

This fascinating exhibition is the culmination of over 6 months of work with 3 very different rural communities across the East midlands and the South West.

Images bombard us. We see images of rural Britain, green pastures, old stately homes, and a vision of Britain that seem to be locked in the past. Should we be surprised at the total absence of black and ethnic minority people in leaflets, news reports, tourism brochures and other publications showing rural Britain?  Yet, rural Britain has been shaped by migration and globalisation for centuries.

In the East Midlands, the project has worked with four artists and diverse communities across rural Britain to explore their reality, aspirations and dreams and help them to challenge stereotype and promote a vision of rural Britain little explored in contemporary life.

Ana Antonio Gill, the artist working with the Portuguese community, used the Portuguese word “saudade” – which has connotations of nostalgia – and objects as prompts for reminiscence in a series of workshops.  Digital photographs, and representational objects come together to present us with a definition of the term “saudade” within a “precious memory book”.

Nottingham based artist Rob Graham worked with digital photography , sharing skills and practice with a group of African Caribbean elders. Within this work, a sense of home is looked at and some inspirational stories of rich heritage and a strong sense of community is shared with warmth and humour.

Sound artist Sara Heitlinger and Cecilia Järdemar photographer, this award winning combination worked together with six Romany Gypsies who live and work in Lincoln and Gainsbourgh.

Creating a series of photographs and sound scapes reflecting aspects of their lives in rural Lincolnshire. A treat for eyes and ears.

The work has been developed by the TMG in partnership with the New Art Exchange, Nottingham, and the Falmouth University in the South West.