TMG hold art exhibition

To mark the opening of the London Civil Rights and Arts Centre, The Monitoring Group has
organised a unique Charity Arts Exhibition, to raise funds through the sale of these paintings

On Friday 11 of Dec, 2009
from 6 to 9pm
Wine and Canapés

The London Civil Rights & Arts Centre, Upper Floors 28 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH

Tel: 020 7636 6000 • Email:

Please call or email to confirm your attendance

Artist: Yasmin Jaswal
Yasmin Jaswal‘s vibrant talent is inspired by the Maasai people. The figures form a rich mix of ornate, adorned with gold,
silver and copper which sometimes is misinterpreted as reflecting materialism of the contemporary world. In fact they symbolise
the wealth of the nation’s soul, undying spirit, tenacity in the face of hardship, and sustainability through the gift and joy of life.
All her works are original one off pieces and prices range from £50 to £250

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