Tommy Robinson ‘glorified’ by Loughborough terror accused

A teenager accused of planning a series of bomb and gun attacks “glorified” the then leader of the English Defence League (EDL), a court has heard.

A manager of a clothes shop which the 17-year-old from Loughborough visited said the boy had spoken to him about Tommy Robinson, who resigned as the leader of the EDL on Tuesday.

He also said the accused tried to order a German SS badge at the shop.

The boy denies stockpiling weapons for an attack on his former school.

In a witness statement read at the Old Bailey, the manager of Irish Clothing, Edward Roe, said the boy “talked about Tommy Robinson, who I have heard of but I don’t know who he is”.

“I didn’t want to talk about this kind of thing.

“I think he was glorifying Tommy Robinson, whoever he was.”

He added that the boy had also tried to order a “Death Skull… a large German SS badge that would be worn on the collar”.

“This is not an item that the shop would be associated with. I told him it wasn’t something we would stock.”

The court was told that Mr Roe had been number one on a “hit list” compiled by the defendant and the boy had written “give him double amount of rounds” next to his name.

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