University under pressure to sack controversial former undercover spy Bob Lambert

A university has been coming under pressure to sack one of its lecturers who has become known as one of the most controversial undercover officers deployed by the police.

Campaigners have been seeking to persuade London Metropolitan University to remove Bob Lambert from his academic post.

So far the university has backed Lambert, saying they have “absolute faith in him as a lecturer” and is a “valued member” of staff”.

Lambert has been at the centre of many of the revelations about the police’s use of undercover officers.

To recap, he went undercover in the 1980s to infiltrate animal rights and environmental campaigners for four years.

He fathered a child with an activist, known as Jacqui, before abandoning them. The Metropolitan Police has paid more than £400,000 to Jacqui who has been profoundly traumatised after discovering by chance that the father of her son was an undercover police officer.

Lambert also deceived another woman into having a long-term relationship with him, as part of an elaborate attempt to lend “credibility” tohis alter ego.

He also stole the identity of a dead boy to shore up his fake identity, been accused of setting fire to Debenhams, appeared in court using his alter ego rather than his real name, and co-wrote the leaflet at the heart of the notorious McLibel trial. In the 1990s, he was promoted to run the operations of the Special Demonstration Squad and was a key figure in the secret operation to spy on the family of Stephen Lawrence.

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