Victim of racist attack who was taunted over Drummer Lee Rigby murder welcomes conviction

The victim of a racist attack who was taunted about the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby said she is now too scared to go out in Exeter at night.

But Kelly To, a third year law student at Exeter University, said she hopes the conviction of a teenage girl, who punched her several times during the unprovoked assault, will bring her the closure she craves.

Kelly, who is British born but of Chinese origin, was walking along Exeter Quay with her boyfriend on 23 May this year, the day after Drummer Rigby was murdered outside his barracks in Woolwich, South East London.

Recalling the incident the 20-year-old said: “One of the guys asked us what did we think of the attack in Woolwich that had happened the day before. We said we don’t know and did not want to give an opinion on such a sensitive issue. I turned around and this girl was right in my face.

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