White supremacist father and son plotted terror attacks, court hears

A teenage milkman spent his spare time secretly preparing violent attacks against the government, a court heard today.

Nicky Davison, 19, joined his father in the creation of Aryan Strike Force, a website demonstrating an apparent obsession with Zionist domination, a jury at Newcastle crown court was told. Computers seized in a police raid on a house in Annfield Plain, County Durham, last year yielded data showing that “ops” involving bombs were in the early stage of planning.

Davison and his father, Ian, 41, were not simply “keyboard warriors”, said Andrew Edis, prosecuting. “They made a distinction between people who were associated with the group they were forming – who were just supporters who might hand out leaflets – and members, who were to be of a different category, more interested in action,” he said.

“They wanted to resist what they called ZOG, which stood for Zionist-occupied government. They were fighting against the government because they believed it has been taken over by Jews, so it had to be resisted by those interested in white supremacy.”

see full story here http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/apr/14/white-supremacist-terror-plot-trial

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