Woman set alight in race attack

A SHOCKING hate crime that saw a Muslim woman beaten and set alight in her Lisson Grove home has left her community in fear. Their worries are heightened as the attacker is still on the loose eight months after the incident.

There has been substantial work by police into the case – with 30 to 40 officers involved – since the investigation launched last September, say Westminster CID. DS Joanne Belton said: “We’ve worked very, very hard to find the person who committed this crime.

“We have completed substantial enquiries – interviewing witnesses, going house to house and looking at forensics and CCTV evidence.”

But Mustapha Ragab, chairman of the Lisson Grove-based UK Egyptian Association, says Muslim people in the area are becoming increasingly angry that someone is yet to be caught.

He said: “The community is very angry and what makes this even more serious is that there’s a very dangerous man out there who has managed to cover his crime so well.

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