Young Black Women At Increased Risk Of Self-Harm, Study Shows

Young, Black women are significantly more likely to self-harm than people from other ethnic groups, according to new research published in the September issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry.

And people from Black and minority ethnic groups are less likely to receive specialist psychiatric assessment and access to follow-up services after an episode of self-harm than people from the White population. Researchers from the universities of Manchester and Oxford, who carried out the research, are calling for self-harm services to become more “culturally sensitive”.

The researchers studied 14,997 people who attended emergency departments in three cities – Derby, Oxford and Manchester – having self-harmed. They found that rates of self-harm in young Black women were highest in all three cities. For example, the rate of self-harm among young Black women is Manchester was 10.3 per 1000 people, compared to 6.6 per 1000 in the White population.

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